An Update on Our Forest

Last April, ONEHOPE made an exciting announcement: we’re building a forest in Indonesia! Because of your incredible love, support, and purchases of ONEHOPE Sauvignon Blanc, we are able to make a huge impact on not only the environment, but the local communities that will benefit for generations to come.

We wanted to provide an update on how our forest is doing, give a bit of a background on our nonprofit partner Trees4Trees, and tell you more about the difference you are making for the villagers in the area.

A Message from Trees4Trees

“Trees4Trees and our stakeholders are very grateful for the generous support of ONEHOPE. In 2018 it enabled us to proceed with our 5 year plan to restore the forests and watershed in a village in Central Java, Indonesia. This area has suffered chronic flooding and mudslides during the rainy season and water shortages during the dry season. With ONEHOPE funding, we have planted 10,290 trees which will help improve the local agricultural economy and food security of the community. These trees also help the world by absorbing approximately 5.4 million pounds of CO2 during their lifetimes. Thank you ONEHOPE!!!”

– Devi Silvia, Program Manager

About the Organization

The original purpose of Trees4Trees was to plant trees to replace those used in the production of wood products. The organization quickly discovered that there is a big demand from people around the world to do verifiable tree planting where it is needed most: in the tropics where forests are under the greatest pressure. What’s more, the social impact of our efforts in these areas is every bit as important as the environmental impact. This has guided Trees4Trees to focus on community forestry as a way to accomplish both objectives with one program.

News on our Forest

A lot has happened since we first announced we were planting a forest last April! Due to government regulations and a severe drought, our forest was relocated to another area of Indonesia called Selogiri Village. Since then, we have planted seedlings that will result in 10,290 fast growing tropical trees to improve the watershed and help stabilize soil in the area. This forest will not only benefit the environment, but also the 65 families in the community that help plant and maintain the trees.

The Purpose of Community Based Forestry

Community based forestry is acknowledged as one of the key strategies in promoting sustainable forest management and in reducing poverty in rural areas, particularly in developing countries. When forestry is implemented in partnership with communities, it can raise standards of living and contribute to positive development.

How Trees4Trees Affects Local Communities

There are many ways that local communities participating in the Trees4Trees Program are benefited. The objective is to help the environment by making it economically advantageous to the people who are part of the program. Here are a few of the ways that the communities are affected:

  • The farmers are trained to take care of the trees and how to use them to improve their environmental and economic security.
  • The trees help to reduce erosion in the communities, keep rivers clean and improve air quality.
  • Some tree species are eventually harvested and converted to durable products, another tree is then planted in its place. Other trees produce fruit for the farmers.
  • Some beneficiaries receive seedling nurseries that Trees4Trees has sponsored. This provides employment opportunities and high-quality seedlings for use in their own newly established community forests.

Wines That Support Trees4Trees

Every purchase of our Vintner California Sauvignon Blanc and our New Zealand Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc helps plant trees through our Global Reforestation project with Trees4Trees. Thank you for helping us plant a forest in the Selogiri Village, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our partnership with this incredible organization.

The ONEHOPE Wine Team

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